The story behind Make Me Dreadful

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY,  I was inspired by street fashion and urban hairstyles. There was something about dreadlocks that fascinated me. They were not just a hairstyle, but a way of life.  Creating unique dreadlocks is a great passion of mine. 

In 2009, when I first started my dreadlock journey, I had a difficult time finding someone in NYC who specialized in dreadlock services without the use of wax or chemicals. Through extensive research in dreadlock forums,  I was able to learn how to take care of my own dreads. Only after discovering the crochet method that was common in other countries,  and mastering the techniques, was I able to create the neat look I love.

After graduating from Paul Mitchell Cactus Academy in 2011, I obtained my NY cosmetology license and started Make Me Dreadful so that you too can experience the joy of having beautiful dreadlocks naturally. 

Dreadfully yours,

Erika Bansen

Owner of Make Me Dreadful since 2010


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