Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?

New location in PA ... 

I have moved from my Fishtown location, I will provide you with my current location upon confirmation of your appointment.

There is free street parking outside of my studio.

It is not a hair salon, I can not wash hair or do hair cuts. It's a private studio I work out of my home. You can bring one friend as company. We have WiFi and NetFlix movie channel!  Bring your latest craft to work on, or read books while getting your locks done. You're in my home, so make yourself at home!

[New studio photos coming soon]

Does it hurt while getting your locks done?

It's different for everyone but on the first day, you can expect your scalp to be sore due to backcombing and crocheting. When I crochet very close to the scalp for tightening, hairs do get pulled into the locks which can be uncomfortable. You can take an Advil if needed.

I don't like my sectioning/dreadlocks, can we start over?

If your dreads were started by neglect method or sectioned too wide/too small, there are options. I recommend a consultation if you plan to start over, depending on how old they are.  The younger, the easier to remove when they are soft.  Keep in mind that removing the entire head of locks is time consuming and hazardous because they can hold dust, residue and a lot of shed hair.  Visiting a salon to help you remove dreads would be ideal, to have them washed out and trimmed. 

My hair is short, can I still get dreadlocks?

Yes and no. I can work with hair that's as short as 3 inches long to start dreadlocks without extensions.  Rounding the ends helps them stay intact when washed versus open ends. 


I have super fine hair, can I still have dreadlocks?

Yes!  You can still have dreadlocks but we would have to section carefully to avoid gaps between locks.  Take biotin pills or anything that might help accelerate hair growth. Keep in mind that backcombing this type of hair will lose twice as much length . Any hair type can achieve dreadlocks within time.  Adding extensions can help give you a fuller look to start with.

How do I know when my locks are mature?

Maturity happens when locks become solid/dense, usually within 1 or 2 years. They require less work, focusing on touching up the roots when new growth happens.  Touching up takes 1-3 hours.

How often should I wash my dreads?

New dreadlocks can be washed once or twice a week...some people can go as long as 2 weeks with no problem.  Always wash with a shampoo that's safe for dreadlocks (see below).

What can I wash them with?

It's very important that you wash them with a residue free shampoo that's safe to use for dreads. I personally love washing my locks with Giovannis tea tree shampoo (can be found in whole foods or amazon) 

Are castile soaps safe to use for dreads? Not super great to use if you have hard water. You will have to do Apple cider vinegar rinses every month.

My dreadlocks are over a year old and they're becoming dry.  What can I do???

You can use natural moisturizers!  Do not use protein conditioners or any commercial brand conditioners because they are more likely to leave residue in the locks.  Here's more nifty information on conditioners:

Vital Goods conditioning oils are amazing for dry locks and always leave them smelling fantastic!!perfume-oil/cejz

Another great product is the cocobutter jar, it smells like chocolate!!maintenance/cda2

My new dreadlocks feel stiff, is this normal?

This is normal for the first day of locking process, since it is weaved tightly and will loosen up over time. You can wear a bandana or a loose hat to calm them down. Be careful when you wear them back in tight bands, they may leave a dent or weak spot over time, I recommend soft scrunchies!

I don't have a car, do you do house calls?

Yes, I do house calls if you are in the local area.  If you have young children, I have no problem coming to you so you can stay home.  All you need to do is cover my travel expenses.  If you are from another state, I will only travel if there are other people in your area that need work on their dreads.  I love road tripping! 

If I don't feel well on the day of my appointment, can i reschedule? 

If you are sick or have some other type of emergency, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule and I will hold on to your deposit.  If you are just getting over a cold but still a little sick, it's best to wait until you are feeling 100% better!  It's no fun getting your dreadlock artist sick too!

Can I dye my dreads?

Yes, you can color them with hair dye. It even helps make the locks tighter. 

I suggest coating the dye on the outside of the locks and don't worry about the inside. Follow instructions on the box.   Young soft dreadlocks will be difficult to color but mature dreads would be ideal to dye. Make sure you give it a good rinse!! 

Henna dye -