Find a Dreadlock artist in your country by clicking the link!  Do your research, its important who you choose for your hair!


Dreadlock accessories : Hand made slouchie hats and other nifty stuff  Flexi hair clip for Dreadlocks - Dreadlock Swimcaps, dread extensions, beads (Free shipping from AUS!) - Anouk creates beautiful dreadlock extensions for permanent and temporary dread look. Dreadlock beads/charms from UK


Shampoo/soap/products for Dreadlocks

Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo Dreads UK Original Formula is now a BAR!! The UK's first ever 100% residue free shampoo bar for dreadlocks. Gypsy Regimens - Dreadlock & scalp cleanser, "dry" shampoo spritzer, leave-in moisture (great for in between washes or post working out spray for scalp) - All Natural dread shampoo products, dread towels, etc.

Recipes for dreadlocks

DIYnatural recipes that are awesome for your locks!