How to Prepare your hair/dreads before your appointment

How to prepare your hair:

For those who are starting their new journey, it's important to have your hair prepared for the locking process. It will be sectioned, backcombed and crocheted.  The day before your appointment, you should wash your hair thoroughly and do not use any conditioner or styling products.  Rinsing hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar works wonders for cleaning the hair naturally. Dawn soap works as well (just use little) but makes hair very dry since it strips all hair oils.  I suggest try this a week before your appointment! Check out the link page to learn more about the BS and ACV in Recipe section. 

  • Do brush out any knots/tangles so it will make my work go smoothly.
  • Please TRIM any split ends, unwanted hair for the dreads. 
  • Healthy hair = Healthy locks
  • Bleached hair can be tricky because they are very processed which leads to more breakage over time.
  • No conditioner on hair for 2 weeks.  Just use a residue free shampoo, and slowly wash your hair less. Your scalp will adjust to the new washing routine.


How to prepare your dreadlocks:

If you have dreadlocks, please have them washed and dried 1 or 2 days before the appointment. It will make my work 10x easier.  If you have problems with your scalp or your dreads, you can look up on the recipe page to find what works best for you. 

  • you can pull apart locks from roots if they try to eat each other (if not, I can do it for you)
  • remove any beads or decorations (if string wrap is on a lock, I will leave it alone)
  • If you have string or rubber bands on your dreads near the roots, please remove them if you can to save me time (they tend to trap residue)
  • LET me know if you have dreadlocks seriously matting together at the roots because I will have to spend time removing and re-sectioning the lock. 
  • Bring good vibes :)

Contact me by text on phone or email if you have any questions or concerns!