Have old dreadlocks or hair saved? Worry not!

In the past, we all have our reason to remove our dreadlocks or time to move on.  However, if you have saved them and in good condition to wear...they can be re attached to your new dreads from scratch all in one day.  Another amazing thing to know, if you have hair thats more than 5 inches saved from a haircut, I can use the hair and make dreadlock extensions! Its best if the hair have never been processed and all natural. Its better than store brought hair with chemical crap on it.  I can work on hair thats short as 3 inches to extend dreadlocks or to attach.  You can get all of  your old dreads back or new dreads from your old hair all in one day!  You would save alot of money especially when they are your own dreadlocks instead of creating new ones. Can you tell that I love playing the dread surgeon, bringing your dreads back to life!