Dreads UK Original Formula is now a BAR!!


Dreads UK Original Formula is now a BAR!! The UK's first ever 100% residue free shampoo bar for dreadlocks

Are you going travelling or hitting the festivals?

Then there really is no better choice. Not only is this wash bar the peoples choice when it comes to bar style shampoos for home use, but with no luggage restriction, its perfect for travelling too!

PLUS this shampoo bar is biodegradable with minimum packaging!

Wash your 'dreads, head, body AND clothes' with this 4 in 1 wonderbar! No more carrying multiple products to the festivals. Try this bar at home now and see just how perfect it is for your next festival.

You'll not find another dreadlock shampoo bar so competitive in its abilities and resourcefulness. 


  • Keeps Frizz to a minimum
  • No wasteful packaging
  • For use with ALL types of dreadlocks
  • Not dependant on water hardness
  • No animal testing or animal products 
  • No SLS/SLES or parabens
  • Hints of Coconut
  • Only 4 ingredients
  • Strictly NO SOAP